FDA 2017


Kiri by Ath Supornchai


Ath Supornchai / Thailand
Kiri means mountain. Inspired by the mountain landscape of the northeast part of Thailand, where the triangle pillow was first invented; it is a modular sofa system designed around the knowledge of floor living lifestyle. With a flexible usage of the triangle pillow, this sofa system can serve as a living and dining area. Pillows come in two sizes; a different angle serves for various postures of sitting. The cushions are upholstered with different density. The key to it's comfort is in the ripple-like texture surface upholstery. It uses an old technique called Kapok upholstery. This technique creates a cosy feeling, yet lightweight, as they term it, "Living Landscape" where elements in this landscape can move freely and interact with each other.
3 easy pieces by Charles O. Job

3 easy pieces

Charles O. Job / Switzerland
The new online furniture market demands new design solutions. Three Easy Pieces is a contemporary piece of furniture in three, lightweight components that are easily assembled by the user. Suitable for both domestic and contract markets, it re-thinks the way furniture is manufactured, sold, transported and assembled. The three simple parts, are covered with a three dimensionally knitted and extremely strong fabric stretched over the metal frame like a stocking. The fabric is pliable and offers ergonomic support. The parts are assembled by simply screw fixing them together at two strategic points. The knitted fabric, due to its translucent nature, renders the armchair virtually transparent in any interior.
Aires Chair by Diego Lee

Aires Chair

Diego Lee / Taiwan
Martial expanding steel is a common material used in building and constructing. It is economic, clean and durable. It can be formed into different shapes with existing technology. The diamond shape grid gives the chair an interesting texture. Aires Chair is light and elegant, it can be seen through and creates a whole view of the frame structure at the same time. Multi-environment usage, the expanding steel material is made of stainless steel, it is weather proof, easy to clean and suitable for outdoors. The mesh and grid structure would mean very little water remain on the chair even after a heavy downpour.
Comma Stool/Chair by He Ren-Wei

Comma Stool/Chair

He Ren-Wei / Taiwan
A sentence needs a comma for a break; Comma Stool/Chair provides a break in our daily life. Inspired by the studying and interaction of people in public spaces, a public sculpture can be functional; a functional object can also have the soul of art. Design can be shaped as a modern sculpture in contrasting materials. This public seating is visually attractive, the height and comfy curved design draws people to naturally want to lean on. Made of stone horn material, because of the weight, chances of it being misplaced can be avoided; maintaining the integrity of the space. The seat is made of moulded foam with easily removable replacements, which helps prolong its life. The material is carefully selected to minimise maintenance of the public furniture.
YOKAN CHAIR by Hiroki Sakamoto


Hiroki Sakamoto / Japan
Yokan is one representative of Japanese traditional confection. It is a bar of sweet bean paste made from azuki beans, sugar and agar-agar. However, it is more than food, it is about the aesthetics. The appearance of Yokan is mystic, it looks like coloured condensed air. The inspiration of the design Yokan Chair comes from an aesthetic respect towards Yokan. Yokan Chair is designed by using the figurative background of Yokan, drawn from one of the oldest Japanese sweets catalogue in 17th century, as a motif.
Spot coffee table by Jattamon Buddharee

Spot coffee table

Jattamon Buddharee / Thailand
Besides the primary function of holding beverages, decorative objects and books are also commonly placed on a coffee table as well. Every item on the table has a role to play, there is a connection with the other items, including the table itself. This has led to the idea of designing SPOT having a relationship between the furniture and its accessories. To become versatile and responsive to the different functions, SPOT features a movable wooden tray as part of the table top. The tray can be used for carrying drinks or for keeping small items in place. Once the tray is removed, the void enhances the use of the shelf beneath by using the increased vertical space to securely stand taller items like bottles or vases.
The Workspace by Joey Rademakers

The Workspace

Joey Rademakers / The Netherlands
The Workspace is a collection of work furniture manufactured from OSB-sheet. Working environments are no longer static, most workspaces are dynamic and changes frequently. The location of Joey's own workspace changes regularly. Joey design furniture that suit these working conditions. It is easy to construct and disassemble. Furthermore, no additional assembly components are needed. The design represents the material qualities of the OSB-sheet at its optimal. The wooden sheet material has a high profit during production. During the production of the furniture parts there is almost no cutting waste, therefore the sustainable efficiency of the sheet material remains.
Bench Screen by Jun Paul F. Lasco

Bench Screen

Jun Paul F. Lasco / The Philippines
Fusing and simplifying function, the Bench Screen reinvents the traditional bamboo screen and communal seating. With a backrest at 1.7 meters high, the bench seat doubles as a partition and screen that creates a degree of privacy in public space - therefore eliminating the need for two separate functional pieces and merging it in one, the Bench Screen.
Stort by Mirko Daneluzzo


Mirko Daneluzzo / Italy
Stort plays with the contrast between mass and void. A continuous surface bends to give it a massive appearance from the back; but in fact it is a hollow sculptural shape that wraps the inner void. The deformations of the surface generate the functional parts, such as the seat and the footrest. The twist and side aperture guarantees the stackability of many stools tighter. Stort could be realised in rotomolding, using bio-plastics or in resin transfer moulding using hemp fibers and natural resins (composite surface).
Urbanscape by Ng Wing Yin


Ng Wing Yin / Hong Kong
Urbanscape is a modular shelving unit and room divider made from dyed black wooden rods and bent blue and pink acrylic sheets. The design is inspired by the unique structure of bamboo scaffolding and the commercial buildings in Hong Kong. It brings the scenario of modern city view to your home in an abstract way. Scaffolding structure can always be found in Hong Kong. It is used in all kinds of building construction. The interesting part is the contrast between manual work of scaffolding and the high quality industrial mirrored finish. It is a process that happens mutually. By merging the details in commercial building and the scaffolding structures leads to represent the modern architecture culture in Hong Kong.
Hollow Chair by Nils Ferber

Hollow Chair

Nils Ferber / Switzerland
Conventional upholstered furniture is composed of a solid structure, a foam core and a textile cover. The folded Hollow Chair dramatically simplifies this labour-intense construction with a single-layered felt shell that is cut by a CNC milling machine in a single production step. The felt layer consists of recycled PET fibers and is reinforced by a modular steel frame and tool-free connectors. The Hollow Chair doesn't make compromises on aesthetics or comfort, but unlike conventional upholstery it can be produced efficiently at low cost, it can be assembled easily by the user and it can even be rolled up for shipment and transportation.
N-S Stool by Shen Yu-Hao

N-S Stool

Shen Yu-Hao / Taiwan
N-S STOOL is a stool design, inspired by the research of laminated wood technology. This project is about experimenting on the different materials with veneers when bending plywood. The result of the experiment is to place magnets in between veneers, creating a new way of building up structures. "N-S" means "magnetic force" in physics. N-S STOOL is made up of three identical parts of wood. It uses magnetic forces to connect to each other. N-S STOOL saves space. It is easy to store, carry and assemble. It solves the issue of small living spaces.