FDA 2016

Sit by Katarzyna Kempa

Grand Winner: SIT by Katarzyna Kempa, Poland

SIT is an ergonomic wooden stool and working table set that promotes an active working environment. It offers a fresh perspective on office seating and starts with the re-evaluation of how to create good seating habits and the best workspaces for our bodies. After all, we are born to move.


Wave by Apirat Boonruangthaworn


Apirat Boonruangthaworn / Thailand
The 'Wave' hammock draws much of its inspiration from the shape of waves. Bent stainless steel tubes are used to form the main framework, which in turn creates a hopping structure. Designed to best suit the human body, this ergonomic hammock seeks to provide users with comfort and satisfaction.
Pagody by Ath Supornchai


Ath Supornchai / Thailand
By combining the traditional craftsmanship of wood turning with a modern toy-like method of stacking, Pagodi offers a new type of dressing unit that fits perfectly into everyday life. Simple to use and easy to assemble, the efficient unit takes full advantage of vertical space.
Prêt-à-porter by Charles O. Job


Charles O. Job / Switzerland
Imagine a simple piece of furniture with a simple constructive principle so easy that a child can assemble it! Imagine, modular furniture bought as a kit of parts, and assembled by the user by simply tying the pieces together. Prêt-à-porter was inspired by this notion of ease of use.
Stool for us by Grace Cheung


Grace Cheung / Hong Kong
STOOL FOR US is a piece of furniture about sharing and connection between two individuals. Why are we afraid to get close to people? We are not indifferent; we just lack the opportunity to show a little kindness. Are we willing to offer half of the seat to someone else?
Binhi by Ito Kish


Ito Kish / The Philippines
The Binhi collection consists of rattan furniture molded into rounded organic shapes. Life erupts from these vessels as crawling greens grow from within them. Remembering that seeds are important pauses harnessing energy for tremendous growth. The collection understands this and invites you to rest under the shade of the tree.
Potato furniture by Jarrell Goh


Jarrell Goh / Singapore
Potato Furniture is a quirky project that imagines an unusual way to make use of perishable waste material. Starchy vegetables like potatoes, were blended, dehydrated, and used as a casting material. The dry aggregate was bound with flour glue, allowed to dry, and then finished with a homemade milk-based sealant.
Nest by Keith Soh


Keith Soh / Singapore
The Nest was drawn upon the life-seed of the traditional artisanal craft of bodiless lacquer-ware. Structurally sound, it encapsulates the user within it by layering coiling wood strips to create structure and form whilst constantly controlling the contours similar to sculpting. The layers of wood strips create a simple aesthetic.
Exolounge by Nathan Yong


Nathan Yong / Singapore
Exolounge uses high-grade steel as the skeleton frame, followed by a laser cut and then stamped to shape. Calf leather is digitally mapped out to get the most yield, then cut to shape and padded with fibre fill. Exolounge has a dual function — from upright seating to a cradling position.
Purda by Parth Sharma


Parth Sharma / India
The Purda cabinet is a fresh interpretation of traditional cabinet construction. It re-imagines vertical members and cabinet doors, replacing them with a pleated fabric which can be slid open or closed like a veil. The pleated fabric adds a certain fragility and airiness, lending the room a quality of openness.
Gravity by Sim Chia Yi


Sim Chia Yi / Malaysia
The simple Gravity coffee table adopts the theory of physics to connect furniture parts without the need for screws. Using the weight of a steel/brass ball, the aluminum table surface is firmly attached to the paper-pulp mixture table base due to gravity.
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